Blue Fin Tuna Kush🦈[#ENERGY_BURST]**AAAA+ PLATINUM🔥 Blue Fin Tuna Kush is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a cross between Tuna Kush and Blueberry. Great for a night time smoke. Blueberry Strain Info; Blueberry is a popular, flavor-forward indica hybrid with a strong genetic backbone. Blue Fin Tuna Kush smells more citrusy than the usual fishy tuna smell. The high has a heady onset of euphoria and a touch of energy that lifts your mood and leaves your mind wandering through dreamy introspection. This thoughtful and peaceful state will become slightly stoney in concurrence with a warming body high that washes over you from top to bottom. These two effects blend together harmoniously, leaving you slightly couch-locked and very sleepy. In combination with its high THC level, you can count on Blue Fin Tuna Kush to ease the symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety or stress. Blue Fin Tuna Kush buds have long minty green pepper-shaped nugs with long thin amber hairs and tiny white frosty crystal trichomes.

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