BLACK DEMON ☢️[#HEAVYHITTER] AAAA Black Demon Og (fem) is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by combining an OG Kush and a Black Domina. Black Demon OG is a rare strain that comes from two distinct lines of cannabis heavyweights and is a heavy-hitting Indica that delivers the goods as promised - a stimulating high followed by full-bodied relaxation.The effects of Black Demon OG are felt almost as soon as after taking a hit. It starts with an invigorating rush that swells in the head before subtly spreading all over the body. The mood-enhancing capability of this strain uplifts the mood and last for hours. Feeling upbeat, it is not uncommon to be more sociable and talkative.The high amount of THC it possesses also provides other benefits. One, in particular that many do appreciate is pain relief.

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