Hawaiian Haze🌺🏝 [AAA+] #JOYRIDE This premium fan-favorite, Sativa dominant strain, staying literal to its name was born from a cross between Hawaiian and Haze genetics. It has a staggering THC content of 26%. It is rumored that it was first grown in the rich, volcanic soil of Hawaii, and that is the reason behind this strain being so delightful. In terms of smell, the Hawaiian Haze is exactly what the name suggests. The blast of tropical flowery and fruity scent that hits users are nothing short of joyful, and this extravagance is carried on to the taste. The taste of this strain is a wonderful combination of tropical flowers, like lavenders, and fruits such as pineapples and peaches. This exotic combination of smell and taste is what makes the Hawaiian Haze a true A-lister. Not only does the Hawaiian Haze have a fine taste, but it also has a lot of traits which make it suitable for recreational use. For instance, it induces a highly enjoyable and trippy head buzz which takes users for a joyride through the clouds. It also makes users feel happy, energetic, relaxed, and elated and uplifts mood. Many users have also reported to feeling more social and talkative thanks to this strain, which makes it perfect for daytime use. It does equally well in the medicinal benefits department. Hawaiian Haze helps to alleviate depression, stress, nausea, fatigue and lack of appetite. This adds yet another feather in its cap. Flavour Profile: Fruity, Sweet

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